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the psychic who is here to prove you right not to prove you wrong

so many ghost hunters go into a job to prove your wrong

there is no spook, ghost or ?

I am here to prove your right about what you think

prove your right about your problem in a haunting or ?

and yes I do travel

10 cents for a one card reading if fax or email

5 dollars for psychic readings sent by email free minister johnny mcfall p.o. box 583 corning arkansas 72422

johnny has practiced the art of tarot for over 28 years, he is knowledgeable, compassionate, his goal to bring you clarity, comfort, joy, peace, understanding and accuracy

no matter the paranormal the supernatural I can help

be sure to send a recent picture, birth information and any information you think he should know

no charge cards

no charge cards orders please

minister and wizard jmcfall

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please send birth information

remember I am here for you 870 323124

no refunds web sites and services for entertainment only sorry no charge card orders

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johnny p.o. box 583 corning ar 72422

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your friend and help awaits

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no matter your paranormal need

need help with hauntings or ? I can help and I travel